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Annuities Online accepts registrations from Licenced Financial Planning Groups. Individual financial planners can also register their interest on behalf of their group by providing head-office contact details. For a free 30-day trial please complete details below.

This service is not available to private investors.

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  1. The Annuities Online Quotation is provided to licensed Dealers, who may authorise their licensed financial planners and advisers to request an annuity quotation using Plan For Life.s Annuities Online website. Quotations are for use by these parties and for other internal management purposes such as quality control. Further distribution, in any form, to anyone else is forbidden, without the express written permission of Plan For Life.
  2. The user must quote "Plan For Lifes Annuities Online Live Quotation" as the source of the included Annuity Rates in all references.
  3. Annuities Online is provided as an information service to Companies and Dealers in the Financial Services industry and is not advice. It is the responsibility of licensed Dealers who use this information service to provide any investment advice.